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Cultural Programme - Std IV

Cultural Programme - Std IV



Mock elections were held on 27th January 2016 to explain the significance of Democratic form of Government. Students of class VI enthusiastically participated in the Mock Elections and prepared Manifestos and Logos. They campaigned during class assembly time. They focused on many important issues which need to be regulated or implemented for the welfare of the citizens and for the development of the country which they highlighted in their Manifestos.

The following were the respective party names:

  • Akhanda Bharat Party ( ABP)
  • Student Welfare Party (SWP)
  • Democratic People Society (DPS)
  • Rashtriya Loktantra Party ( RLP)
  • Indian Progressive Party (IPP)
  • Futuristic Development Party (FDP)
  • Jiyo India Party (JIP)
  • Tiranga Ratna Party (TRP)

Students of class VII were very responsible and vigilant in casting their vote. During this activity students learnt how the leaders are elected and the significant role that the people play in a democratic country like India.

It was a very interesting and informative activity in which the students enjoyed participating. It was yet another important step towards sensitizing the students about their responsibilities as the citizens of independent and democratic India.

Special Assembly on Christmas - By Nursery

A time to rejoice and celebrate! The time to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus. Soaked in the spirit of Christmas, the tiny tots of Nursery C & E celebrated the festival with fervour and joy. The venue was drenched in the mood of festivity. The stage was brightly decorated with the beautiful Christmas tree, snowman and gifts around it.A time to rejoice and celebrate! The time to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus.

Soaked in the spirit of Christmas, the tiny tots of Nursery C & E celebrated the festival with fervour and joy. The venue was drenched in the mood of festivity. The stage was brightly decorated with the beautiful Christmas tree, snowman and gifts around it. Children spoke flawlessly about the significance of this very special festival. The echo of melodious carols and the nativity scene was showcased in true spirit. The presence of the three kings, angels, shepherds, Joseph and Mary gave a sense of authenticity to the Carols.

But that was not all, as the celebration came to full swing with stellar dance performances of the little stars. Towards the end of the programme , Santa Claus arrived and filled the entire crowd with joy and good cheer.

The Christmas special assembly spread a wave of happiness which enveloped the entire school depicting the true essence of " Love, Joy & Peace ". P.T.O.

The assembly ended with this beautiful thought for the day:

"When you do good, you feel good & when you feel good, you get joy & when you get joy, it might inspire others to do the same".

Night Camp for XI & XII graders

Clique – A Review

The Senior Secondary students of Delhi Public School, Hyderabad, having just finished with a hectic month of revision, preparation and examination session, had a pleasant surprise to relax and rejuvenate at the night camp organised by the school.

The night–camp, spread over a day and a half from 9 – 10 October 2015, was attended by the Eleventh and Twelfth graders in great numbers.

Arduously planned and executed, the event featured a trip to Leonia (a vacation resort in the outskirts of Hyderabad), a no-holds-barred DJ party in the school premises, a visit to Midnight Biryani (a themed buffet line put out by Hotel Green Park), a screening of the popular Bollywood film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara besides other games and activities organised by the teachers.

The students’ day out kicked off to a great start, with a sumptuous breakfast spread, followed by an exciting and fun-filled day at Leonia. Returning to school from the trip, the students found that sufficient arrangements were made to sleep in the classrooms of the school. However a majority of them stayed up through the night for participating in all the activities.

A high octane DJ party, a midnight visit to the afore-mentioned Hotel Green Park and a movie screening in the early hours of the morning, did not deter the students enthusiasm; they were up and running to take part in the games and activities that followed: a quirky ramp walk by a few who wore designs fashioned out of coloured paper by students, a short trek up the hill that flanks the school premises and football, basketball and cricket matches in the school playground. Monochrome T-shirts in black with the name of the event – Clique – and the school emblem printed on the back were presented to students as keepsakes — another highlight of the day.

The students sincerely expressed their gratitude for their Principal for taking keen interest in providing recreation to the students and also witnessing their sport activities. The teachers efforts were appreciated for the time, patience and zeal they shared with the students to be a part of the event.

Come morning, after another welcome spread for brunch, most of the students made their way home exhausted – but immensely satisfied after having spent more than a day in school, making memories that will be cherished for a life time.

STTI Session on the Syrian crisis

Syrian crisis- An interactive session by Kabir and Aditi

3rd October, 2015: The STTI members of DPS Hyderabad participated in a session on Saturday, the third of October. The event was hosted by Aditi Parekh and her two companions. The topic of discussion was the Syrian crisis. Students of the STTI club of the school from classes 9 to 12 expressed their views and posed many questions related to the issue. The session was held between 9am and 10:30am.

The session commenced with Aditi addressing the gathering and briefing the members on the topic. The meaning of ‘citizen’ and ‘refugee’ was discussed with the members putting in their views and ideas. Related topics like the fundamental rights, freedom, duties of citizens, dictatorship difficulties etc. were also pondered upon. This continued with the division of the members into three groups, each headed by Aditi and her mates. These groups were then given a function each – one group represented the countries from which people fled, one group, the countries which offered asylum to the refugees and the other group, the United Nations.

The participants put forth various issues related to the body they represented and discussed the possible solutions. This was followed by students putting down their views on papers, which were later collected. A presentation regarding the DFC was then shown to the students. Amongst the three topics, the committee chose the topic ‘Urban teens becoming spendthrift and not reusing materials.’ Due to the extension of the deadline by the DFC, the students have planned to create a website through which people can share and reuse materials. The session ended with an interactive question hour actively participated by all the members.

Puppet Making Workshop - Class IV

A puppet making workshop was conducted on the 30th September and 1st October in the school by a renowned puppetry artist, Mrs. Ratnamala Nori. She has participated in several National and International puppet festivals and won many awards. The goal of her workshops has been to give an opportunity to be personally expressive through constructing puppets and “Make Puppets come to life”.

Puppetry is a very ancient art form and considered to be the first forms of entertainment. It is now more popular through television and movies rather than live performances but still flourishes throughout the world. In India, mainly in the states of Rajasthan and west Bengal this art form has become the eternal part of their culture and tradition. Puppetry and puppet theatre were used to play out the Indian epics and mythological stories. It is not only used to provide entertainment but also to educate people, spread social messages and awareness among people. Most puppetry involves story telling. There are different types of puppets namely hand puppets, stick puppets, string puppets, shadow puppets etc.

After this brief history of puppetry, Mrs. Nori narrated a story with voice modulations and intonations. The children were enthralled by the performance and were excited to make one for them. Each child was given a kit which consisted of all materials required to make a puppet. They were guided to make a hand puppet. It was wonderful to watch the enthusiasm and excitement with which they were engaged in making the hand puppet. Finally when it was ready their joy knew no bounds and they all performed to the foot tapping number “When you’re happy and you know clap your hands” and thanked Mrs. Nori for sharing her wonderful gift of art.

STTI session dated 18th August 2015.

DPS Hyderabad’s Student Think Tank India club attended an interactive session conducted by Mr.Kabir David on 18th August 2015.

The Session began with a video presentation of the Partition of India and its effect on the people living on both sides of the border. As the session progressed it discussed and debated about the perspectives of people of the two countries and how it shaped their views on Partition.

August 14, 1947 saw the birth of the new Islamic Republic of Pakistan- a Muslim nation separate from the predominantly Hindu India. At midnight the next day (on Aug. 15, 1947) India won its freedom from colonial rule. For Indians, the partition was the logical outcome of Britain's policies of dividing and ruling. For Pakistanis it was their founding moment. It was the outcome of the struggle of Muslims to have their separate identity recognized by both the British and the Indian nationalist movement. For the British, the partition was a necessity because they could no longer afford the cost of maintaining colonial rule. It was unquestionably a very significant event for many.

Kabir David, as moderator of the session discussed about the influence of curriculum designed by these countries where they justify their decision of partition projecting the other country responsible for such an act. This created an enduring hostility between the two countries and its people. The hostile images were constantly reinforced by the media and consequently resulted in perceiving each other as implacable enemies.

The session gave an opportunity to the students to express their opinion and understand different perspectives of an issue which will help them in making better decisions. The session ended with a discussion about the ‘Design For Change project’ to be discussed and taken up in the coming sessions.

As Stephen R. Covey once said “To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.” Any endeavour to change our thinking is a step towards progress.

Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan Quiz – CBSE

Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan Quiz – CBSE

Date: 09-07-2015

Creativity and innovation in science and technology are the guiding forces in society’s progress.

The Rashtriya Aavishkar Abhiyan Quiz, a CBSE initiative intends to reward this spirit in school students of classes I to XII. Quiz is the best way to test one’s knowledge, understanding and ability to think on one’s feet. The preliminary round of a quiz is designed especially to evaluate how the students use their understanding of the basic concepts and their willingness to explore solutions to the problems.

Delhi Public School, Hyderabad conducted the preliminary round of the Aavishkar Quiz on 9th July 2015 for students of Classes XI and XII. It comprised of 25 challenging multiple choice questions to test students’ aptitude in science, math and technology with a focus on innovation in these areas. The students had 30 minutes to answer the questions.

The student who scored highest in the test was Naman Gour of Class XI.

Delhi Public School, Hyderabad appreciates the enthusiastic response and participation of its students in this competition, which reflects the effectiveness of the quiz as a tool to motivate young minds through experimentation and inference.

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, HYDERABAD - Teachers’ Day Celebrations

“Teaching is leaving a vestige of one’s self in the development of

another. And surely, the student is a bank where you can deposit

-Dr. Eugene P. Bertin, Professor of Chemistry, University of Illinois

That piece of inspired thinking was the thought for the day, which beautifully

encapsulated all the undertones to the day’s events. This day, the 5th of September,

annually celebrating and honouring the driving forces behind our country, has a

special significance in it of itself. It is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli

Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President of India, who, apart from being a brilliant

statesman and diplomat, remained at heart, a teacher.

At Delhi Public School, Hyderabad, the students of Grade XII took it upon

themselves to celebrate this occasion. The day’s events began off with an assembly,

which, in my experience at this institution, was one of the best ones conducted. The

Head Girl, Aditi Kodipady, took over as Acting Principal for the day, keeping up with

traditions. The gathering was attended by the Principal, the Vice Principal,

Headmistresses, Senior Mistresses, Coordinator, students, and of course, our

beloved teachers. It featured two speeches, one talking about Dr. Radhakrishnan

and the other about a student’s view of her teachers, two music performances each

expressing gratitude towards teachers, and the highlight of the show, an energetic

dance performance, which showcased some of the classics of Bollywood.

The Principal brought the gathering to an end by sharing her views and blessing the

students a great future. Once again, keeping up with traditions, students of Grade

XII, took over as teachers for lower classes, stepping into their teacher’s shoes, quite

literally. Each of these students had the difficult task of handling a class and one can

reasonably assume that they learnt what it felt like to be on the other side of the


On September 15, 2015, the members of the Interact Club of Delhi Public School Hyderabad, had their first meeting to discuss the agenda for the year. Our Interact Club teacher-in-charge, Mrs. Sarala, presided over the conference and conveyed her advice.

The meeting started off with a brief review of the projects undertaken by the Interact Club during the previous year, by President Interact, Vignesh Valliyur. These included the donation drive for Blue Cross, the stalls set up on Teacher’s Day as a charity fundraiser and volunteering at a ‘Teach For India’ government school on Children’s Day. He went on to cover some of the major goals for this year as representatives of the Club, stressing on the significance of picking a distinct target and working towards it.

The main targets for this year are participating in the ‘Teach for India’ programme during the month of November, and organizing a donation drive in the month of October. The money raised would be used either to provide facilities at orphanages or palliative care centers, or to contribute to the community at large, as in the fencing of a plot of cultivated land.

The Vice President of the Club, Aditi Kodipady, introduced a few innovative ideas for this year’s projects. Some of them involve volunteering at cancer hospitals, and teaching the students from underprivileged backgrounds basic English and extra-curricular activities like dance, chess, art and so on at the PSS Trust in Miyapur. It was also suggested that a singing/Acapella group may be organised to perform at old age homes and entertain the senior citizens.

The proposal that was received with the most enthusiasm was the plan for an event at the school in December, combining a bake sale, talent show and a crafts sale. Simple food items like cookies and sandwiches could be prepared by the students and sold. Those proficient in art could make small items like pen holders and book covers, while those wishing to display their talents could receive a platform to do so as well. Tickets may be sold to the students at a nominal cost in order to raise money, all of which would be directed to a trusted charity organization. Any items remaining unsold could then be donated to an orphanage.The members of the Interact Club think that this would be an effective way to make the Interact project for this year a success, while achieving our major aim of contributing to the society in our small way. In all earnestness, the members of the Interact Club request the permission of our esteemed Principal Ma’am to execute the plans for this event.

With a succinct summary of the discussion of the day, and a call to reach out to charitable organisations that the club may collaborate with, the first meeting of the Interact Club adjourned quite satisfactorily.

Inauguration of SPORTS DISPLAY Board

Sportsmen are not made in the gym. They are entities who have given an expression to their inborn talent coupled with a dream, a desire, a destination……….somewhere deep within their soul "Delhi Public School, Hyderabad has always been a stepping stone for the budding sportsmen. The first step in this direction was taken in 2013 when the Sports Complex was inaugurated. Further, Sports Blazers and Sports badges were introduced for appreciating the outstanding performances of the students in sporting events.

The school recently installed the Sports Display Board as the next step to honour the students who secured distinctions in the National and International levels. As a part of the Teacher's Day Celebrations, the Sports Display Board was inaugurated by the Principal, Mrs. Rekha Aggarwala. The Principal applauded the students' achievements in the several Inter School, Inter District and National level sporting events. The students of DPS aspire to further their efforts and create new records.

Live Green Love Green Think Green

Nature has laid out amazingly sensitive biosphere. It is a finely

balanced one and needs to be respected in totality. We the much

acclaimed “Classy humans” hardly tend to enjoy nature’s bounty as we

are driven to disturb the eco-system by polluting and depleting it. We

are concerned of our materialistic pleasures and waste the plethora of

resources that “Mother Earth” has blessed us with.

Environment has become the most discussed issue, the world over. In

order to sensitize the students on this grave issue, Delhi Public School,

Hyderabad has organised “Show and Tell” for Grade I based on the

theme “Do’s and Don’ts to save our Environment”. This was an

interesting and interactive topic for children showcasing their

commitment to grow up as responsible members of this biosphere.

The enthusiastic response from the primary students bears testimony

towards a greener, cleaner, better, safer and more equitable place for


The world we inherited is vandalised and evident that we are hurling

towards diabolical path, unless we find a solution to reverse this trend

immediately, we cannot bequeath the world that is as beautiful, as

when we inherited it, to our future generations.

Yoga Day Celebrations

‚The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life ‚ was the slogan echoing through Delhi Public School, Hyderabad, as the dipsites engaged themselves in invigorating yoga sessions to commemorate International Yoga Day.The spirit of inner peace, balance and serenity pervaded the school campus as students from Class Nursery to XII practiced this age old technique for health and holistic well-being. Even the dull monsoon showers failed to dampen the spirits of the students as more than 3000 students undertook practice of various asanas like Pavanmukta Asana, Bhujang Asana, Vrukshasana, Taadasana to name a few, under trained yoga teachers of DPS, Hyderabad. Children were taught the ‘Surya Namaskar ‘an exercise involving 12 steps, which brought together health, knowledge and inner peace resulting in harmony. Students were enlightened on the significance of June 21st as the ideal day as it happens to be the day of the summer solstice. A few tips were given about the best time to practice yoga. The staff and students pledged to make yoga an integral part of their daily routine. The day ended on a positive optimistic note for a healthy academic year ahead because children realized that as long as one could breathe, it was never too soon or too late to start practicing Yoga.

Few precautionary measures were given to the students :

Practice Yoga in the Presence of a Yoga Teacher – If you are a beginner, you should start practicing yoga either in the presence of a yoga teacher or join yoga class so that you learn the basics and the do’s and don’ts of yoga.

Practice Yoga in the Right Way – This is very important, as you have to maintain the rhythm of breathing and the movements of your body parts. Yoga in an Empty Stomach – It is recommended that yoga should be practiced in an empty stomach preferably early in the morning or in the evening . Diet – You should keep a watch on your diet while practicing yoga and try to increase intake of vegetables and fruits. Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water no matter whether you practice yoga or not.

Routine – Try to maintain routine and practice yoga regularly. This will have positive impact on your mind, body, and soul and help you improve your overall health.

‚The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life ‚was the slogan during the session.


There was keenness and fervor in the air when Nursery parents were awaiting the commencement of orientation on 20th June. The orientation commenced at 8:30 am sharp by Ms. Radhika Nagori for sections A and B parents of Nursery. The next session for sections C, D and E was held at 10:00am.

After Ms. Radhika addressed the parents, a power point presentation on physical, emotional, social and cognitive readiness to school was conducted by Ms. Deepthi. A few things that can be done at home to foster a love of learning in the child were discussed.

The belief that parents are child's first teachers is the basis for good parent-teacher relationships. When parents are included as an essential part of the child's school experience, teachers, parents, and children all benefit and grow. This interdependence was emphasized and discussed further. This was followed by Ms. Radhika’s presentation that showcased all the pictures from events of the previous academic years. She then explained the formalities and rules that need to be followed for the smooth running of this academic year. The sections of all the students were announced and their respective class teachers were introduced.

The orientation concluded with a positive note. All the gratified parents then purchased the books and helped themselves for the refreshments.

Dental Hygiene Awareness Session 2015

Dental Hygiene Awareness Session 2015

A dental hygiene awareness session was organised in DPS, Hyderabad on 22nd April, 2015. This session was conducted by the prestigious Smiline Dental Hospitals. A panel of doctors headed by eminent doctor Dr.Divya Kanwar visited the school and met the students of class IV and V. This 50 minute session touched upon some important topics like importance of oral hygiene and maintenance of dental health, stages of dentition and tooth decay- its symptoms and causes.

This talk was followed by an interactive question answer session. The student’s knowledge and awareness was only enhanced as they came to know that good oral health is not only beneficial in the course of one daily activities, but it has a long-term effect on the body’s overall well-being. Oral health is an indispensable element of the one’s overall health. Practicing poor oral hygiene and leaving oral diseases untreated have a grave impact on quality of life. These can disrupt even the most fundamental human needs, which includes the capability to drink and eat, sustain proper nutrition, swallow, communicate, and even smile. The dentist also said that good oral hygiene is not limited to mere brushing and flossing alone, the mouth is the entryway to the body. Therefore, it is also the latter’s first line of defense. The mouth is responsible for multiple functions than any other body part.

The school management thanked the doctors of Smiline for the edifying session and their corporation.

My favourite toy


Class: Prep – D

Date: 31st March 2015

‘There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that they grow in peace and happiness’ - Jawaharlal Nehru

The students of class Prep - D conducted the assembly on “My favourite toy” with great joy and jubilation. The assembly commenced with a prayer read out by the Head Mistress Ma’am, Ms. Rama. The assembly had an auspicious start with the prayer “Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu” sung by the children followed by the thought for the day. The assembly continued with the narration of different dialogues about their favourite toys. With a smile on their faces, joy in their hearts and twinkle in their eyes, children enjoyed the assembly. The budding speakers spoke about their toys outfit, memories attached with that toy, colours , names and many more...Towards the end, the tiny tots sung a beautiful melodious poem. It was a showcase by the students of Prep –D. The assembly was ended with applause and appreciation by the Head Mistress Ma’am, Ms. Rama.

Orientation Programme For The New Admissions Pre-primary wing 2015 - 2016

The pre-primary wing of Delhi Public School, Hyderabad conducted the orientation programme for the new admissions of the academic year 2015-2016. The parents were briefed about the curriculum as well as the various extracurricular activities that take place the whole year.

The academic year almanac was shown and the rules and regulations stated. A slide show was presented comprising the just concluded academic year events such as the house, class and special assemblies. The field trips, fun time, carnival, magic show , inter house competitions as well as interschool competitions and the massive sports day celebration were also shown. The parents seemed mighty pleased with the variety of events being held. There was an interactive session wherein parents put forth their queries which were duly answered. The session concluded with the distribution of handouts bearing the above mentioned particulars and important contact information.


An Award Ceremony was conducted for Class IV students on 2nd April, 2015. We began this ceremony with the school prayer. This was followed by a melodious song. A Welcome address was given by one of the students. Our Headmistress Ms. Rama Ananth gave away the Merit awards to the children, for their Excellence in Academics, for being best All-rounder, best Disciplined child, Full attendance, Smartly dressed child and in General awareness. The children were very excited in receiving their awards for their best performance during the year 2014-2015. The audience, who were their friends and class-mates cheered them with great enthusiasm. It was also a happy moment for the teachers to see their students achieve, credit of merit. Our Headmistress in her speech addressed the students. She was delighted to see the young children smartly receiving their awards and liked the disciplined maintained in the gathering. She said, she would like to see many more students receiving such awards in the coming academic year. The ceremony successfully ended with the vote of thanks by Class IV student, congratulating all the Merit award winners.


On the 19th of November, the World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children, the students of Delhi Public School, Hyderabad attended an event meant for the day it was held on - a rally against Child Abuse conducted by the Telangana State Central Investigation Department.

The event, which took place at Necklace Road and was attended by numerous schools present in Hyderabad.The congregation

was addressed by eminent personalities like tennis ace Sania Mirza ,the Principal Secretary of Home in Telangana, Ajay Mishra, , Mr. Ganesh Nallari and the DGP of Telangana. The congregation of students rallied down the Necklace Road, carrying banners and shouting slogans against child abuse. It was a sight to remember – one moment when the voices of children stood up in defiance of exploitation. The rally also aimed at educating very young children about child abuse and basic safety protocols.

Best out of waste activity – Std III

The students of class 3 participated in the best out of waste activity organised in our school on 5th and 6th Jan as a part of the save environment drive .

The children showcased their innate talent by making so many innovative things just out of waste things.They proved the fact that many different thing that are lying waste all around us , can be put to constructive use if given a thought. At the end of the activity the thing made by the students was organised and the things were displayed. The teachers appereciated the students for the efforts put In by them.

Personal Hygiene and Class Cleanliness

The students of class 4 participated in the Personal hygiene and class cleanliness activity organised in our school on 5th and 6th Jan

The activity was conducted “To enable students to explain why personal hygiene needs to be practiced.”

Secondly the students took a pledge to clean their school, homes, public places & surroundings. Students were given handy tips to keep their surroundings and school clean. The whole drive was quite inspiring and motivating for the staff and students.

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